Roving I Recap: Weird in Reykjavik

Maybe it was the jet lag or maybe it's just Iceland, but on a stroll through the streets of Reykjavik on our first night in the country, we found ourselves surrounded by several odd things. 

Like the above image. Do you think it's supposed to be the House of Icelandic Design which includes Food, Art & Music? Or the House of Icelandic which includes Design, Food, Art & Music? Either way, there are kitties in the crest.

This little duck-footed gem was dangling in a residential street window near the Hallgr├şmskirkja, eerily twirling in the chilly July air. 

I spotted this unconventional unicorn bust perched atop a modern home in the City Center. And, yes, that is a boob. 
And finally, there's this guy. At least he has goals. And 3D glasses. 

Roving Pic: Talisker Distillery

Wind-worn, weathered, washed by the rain, Talisker Distillery stands watch on the edge of the Isle of Skye. With a tradition as rich as its mash tun air, it endures single-mindedly as single malt perfection. 

Glamorous Iceland

In a few weeks, we'll be traveling to one of the most remote and unpopulated countries in the world - Iceland. And while I'm looking forward to the adventure, I'm also a little nervous about it. I don't like the cold. At all. I dread winter. Snow generally disagrees with me. And ice, well, I'm not what you call graceful on solid ground and therefore significantly less so on frozen water. Luckily, we're traveling in summer when the days are long (20+ hours of daylight) and aside from the massive glaciers throughout the country, temperatures for the most part should be around 60F.

When I came across these posh places to stay in "the land of ice and fire," I started to feel a lot more comfortable about our vacation decision. And while accommodations of any kind can be few and far between outside of Reykjavik, these three promise to be worth the trek.

Roving Pic: Window on Provence

Noves, France  
July 2012  

The view from our kitchen window was a lovely distraction as we prepared dinner in the late evening light of summer.

Roving Pic: Lone Windmill

Stone Windmill outside of Ansouis, France

In a Proven├žal landscape surrounded by ripening vineyards and golden wheat, the windmill stood alone, its hands lazily turning in the mid-summer breeze.

Roving I Finds: Places in Provence

Provence Paradise
While planning our upcoming trip to the south of France, searching for the right vacation rental for two couples for a week-long stay yielded some amazing results. And while we have yet to visit our chosen location, any of the choices below would make excellent home bases for a stay in the Provence region. On y va!

  • Provence Paradise: Located near the lovely St. Remy de Provence, this hamlet of restored 17th Century farm houses provides families and couples alike with self-catering accommodations in the heart of Provence.  
Photos: Provence Paradise
  • Moulin de la Roque: Between Avignon and St. Remy de Provence, next to the small town of Noves, a restored 18th Century flour mill and its surrounding homes make up this welcoming Provencal estate on 12 acres.
Photos: Moulin de la Roque
  • Le Mas de Bassette: An 18th Century exterior is the perfect vintage cover for this Bed & Breakfast's modern interior and furnishings. Located 20 minutes southwest of Avignon in Barbentane, it would make a perfect place to unwind in the French countryside.
Photos: Le Mas de Bassette

Roving I Recap: Dogs of Pompeii

In the shadow of Vesuvius, the inhabitants of Pompeii wander among the ghosts of the past. Not alone, not a pack, they slowly make their way through the ruins and winding, well-worn paths. They live in a world of their own, ambivalent to the crowds of camera-clad visitors. And as the afternoon heat fades into the welcome relief of the Campania evening air, they keep watch in shifts from available posts in the shade, ever vigilant, always valiant.

Guardians of time. Keepers of history. Protectors of souls.