Roving I Recap: Weird in Reykjavik

Maybe it was the jet lag or maybe it's just Iceland, but on a stroll through the streets of Reykjavik on our first night in the country, we found ourselves surrounded by several odd things. 

Like the above image. Do you think it's supposed to be the House of Icelandic Design which includes Food, Art & Music? Or the House of Icelandic which includes Design, Food, Art & Music? Either way, there are kitties in the crest.

This little duck-footed gem was dangling in a residential street window near the Hallgr√≠mskirkja, eerily twirling in the chilly July air. 

I spotted this unconventional unicorn bust perched atop a modern home in the City Center. And, yes, that is a boob. 
And finally, there's this guy. At least he has goals. And 3D glasses. 


Jenn's Travelogue Blog said...

Love it, and the new blog, when did you switch to bloglovin?

Jules8 said...

Thanks so much, Jenn! My dear friend Cassie from The Veda House helped me out with the blog redesign and Bloglovin' is what I use to post through Facebook. Still on the Blogger platform. Hope you are doing well!

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