Web Roves of the Week: 5 Travel Blogs That Take Me Places

It's Friday and I would like to be here:

Since I'm not anywhere close to there, I'll make the best of it by sharing some other travel-focused blogs I've come across since beginning this little blogging journey of mine. Some of these have been around a while and some are just getting started, but they're all pretty new to me. Here are five that have me intrigued and keep me coming back:  
  • The Frugal Traveler: This one is a biggie - a New York Times blog. And the writing is definitely up to New York Times standards. This summer, Seth has been making his way around the Mediterranean on a teensy budget and it has been entertaining to watch how he squeezes the most out of every Euro in different cities. Check out how he did it in Naples.
  • Jenn's Travelogue Blog: Jenn and I forged a fast friendship after a recent meet-up in Kansas City. She recently held a Blog Winner Weekend Contest to celebrate her 200th post and took one of her readers to Jamaica. Can't wait to see what she's got planned for her 300th!
  • TravelGirl: I write, a lot. I even do it for a living. So witty wordsmiths and well-written posts appeal to me. TravelGirl's recent post about Researching Unreasonable Train Routes showcased the absolute absurdity of some travelers. I laughed out loud reading it. You will too. 
  •  100 Miles Highway: I just discovered this blog today but with an "Eat. Travel. Photography." subhead, how can I not enjoy following along?
  • Mr. & Mrs. Globetrot: Clean design and really beautiful (and plentiful) travel photos make this team effort blog a treat to look at. 
Leave me a comment and share your favorite travel blog. It can even be yours! I'm always on the lookout for awesome blogs about travel to add to my ever-growing reading list. And then, with all of my new found reads as fuel, I can make this a reoccurring series for the first Friday of every month!

Happy Friday! Hope it's fabulous wherever you are in the world!


I'm Jenn said...

I love the Frugal Traveler too - what an awesome job Seth has! I also like the Nerdy Nomad (http://www.nerdynomad.com/) and yours! Thanks for listing mine too!

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

This is a great list. There are actually a couple that I know on there as well as a few new ones, which is always great! It's good to find a fellow traveler/travel lover! I'm excited to see what else you have to say about it!

You know where I live: www.travelspot06.blogspot.com

Jules8 said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Jenn. I'll check it out!

Kyria- Welcome! Thanks for the comment. I'm enjoying reading your blog too!

Robyn said...

Good list-nice to read about everyones travels-inspiring and totally great for day dreams!

Jules8 said...

Thanks for the comment, Robyn!

Jackie D said...

this is way delayed, but oh man, you are too awesome! thanks so much for the mention!! i'm glad someone else appreciates the unreasonable-tasticness of those train routes, jesus. Some people, I tell you.

Jules8 said...

Jackie- You rock. Keep writing. Thanks for stopping by!

shopgirl said...

Great list! I love reading the frugal traveller and I have a favourite that I have in my links: http://travelfunnytravellight.blogspot.com/.

I will definitely check some of these out!
Cheers! Reese
p.s. if you like music, I'm having a music giveaway.

Jules8 said...

Thanks, Shopgirl! I will check out your suggestion.

Katherina said...

Hey! Thanks for the lovely mention!

Jules8 said...

Hi Katherina- Looking forward to reading more of your blog!

alltraveltips4me said...

I like your list.This was a great experience to read about everyone's traveling idea.Frugal traveler is the best one.

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