Roving IQ: Journaling Journeys

There's something truly romantic about carrying a leather-bound journal with you as you wander the world.  

When we lived overseas, my well-worn and since retired journal held daily happenings, hurriedly-scribbled thoughts and flat mementos from the road. It's a treasure trove of memories. And they're all mine. 

I came across PeaseBlossomStudio on Etsy a couple of years ago and found my new trusty travel companion, a lovely gray and blue leather journal, perfectly sized for a purse or carry on. The one in the picture below is a similar style but in a beautiful, classic brown, embossed leather. And this one is still available. Get it here

Rove. Write. And Remember. 


peaseblossomstudio said...

What a wonderful post. I am honored to be featured!

Jules8 said...

Thank you! Your journal is a wonderful companion, at home and on-the-go.

The Veda House said...

I love journaling while on the road. I kept a very in-depth journal during my Euro trip and every time I reread those entries, I relive those perfect two weeks. Thanks for sharing this beauty. Love the detailing in the leather.

Jules8 said...

It is a beautiful design. Maybe you need to get one from PeaseBlossomStudio? :)

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