Roving I Week One: My New Passport Stamp

Last week, I entered a new territory. I'm a blogger now. One week into this journey, I feel like I have earned this stamp. I'm quite proud, actually.

But, while traveling by the seat of your pants can be fun, sometimes it's good to have a plan. I think that rule can apply to blogs too.

Here's the Roving Itinerary: 
Roving I Recap - A trip report of sorts, focusing on current or past trips, depending on where I'm writing from.

Roving Pic - A photo feature from the family album.

Roving IQ - Tips, gear and advice from travel pros.

Roving I Finds - A destination deal that's worth booking on the spot, with a focus on living large with a small to moderate budget.

Web Roves - Travel sites, blogs and writing that inspire me and my passport.

Saturday and Sunday:
Roving I Standby - I may get on, I may not. Either way, I'll try to keep it interesting.

Hopefully, you'll want to stop by to check out what's new and share your adventures, tips and comments with me. After all, it's a big world. It's nice to know you have friends out there.

Happy Roving!

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