Roving Pic: Cellar

Verrazzano Cellar
July 2011
Photo: Scott Clark
Dimly-lit and with a distinct chill even in the Tuscan summer heat, the cellar surrounded us with scents of French oak and warm, waiting Chianti wine. The barrels stood guard, silent and proud, reflecting a stream of morning light and centuries of tradition.


Shannon said...

I thought of you because I'm about to "rove" to Mexico! Commencing blog search for your tips....

Jules8 said...

Hi Shannon- I haven't posted about Mexico yet but you've inspired me to. Have a wonderful trip!

Kourtney said...

What a unique and beautiful picture. It really portrays the feeling and the atmosphere! Reading your caption just added magic to it!


(Comment Love at FTLOB)

Sweta said...

Wow,Italy!I love the archaic feel to the picture :)
Thanks for stopping by and the lovely comment!I see you travel a lot-that must be exciting!

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