Roving I Recap: Summer Nights in Soho

On a recent trip to New York for work. A co-worker friend and I found ourselves obligation free on a Wednesday night. So we quickly gave ourselves two obligations, shopping and Mexican food. With those heavy burdens upon our shoulders, we set out on the streets of splendid Soho.

Soho and I go way back. On every trip to New York, whether it has been for business or for fun, I’ve ended up there. She calls to me with her hidden big-name and little-name shop gems, hip but inviting restaurants and cafes and diverse street vendors vending lovelies that I can’t get at home.

I find it wonderful to just wander the uneven Soho sidewalks with no itinerary in hand. The discoveries will be different every time you go, but they will be yours. Whether you're a foodie, a deal finder or a trend follower, Soho is something special.

Where We Roved in Soho:
  • Dos Caminos: A mighty fine fix for our Mexican food craving. This phenomenal find was a recommend from a family member (Thanks Aunt Cat!) and was a welcome oasis after a long walk in uncomfortable heels. We sat nearly on the outside patio, enjoying the warm evening air through the open doors. One blue pom margarita, several salty chips and gobs of outstanding guac later, I was a little more in love with Soho. 
  • The Soho Grand: While in town, we attended a media event out in the comfortably chic Soho Grand "Yard." Weathered wooden seating covered by sprawling umbrellas provided ample lounge space for the post-sunset crowd while strewn piazza lights twinkled above the relaxed scene. Complimentary beverages and new friends sealed a simply grand summer evening in Soho.
  • Ideya: Gotta love late night Latin. Just down the street from the Soho Grand, Ideya is brightly decorated in Latin American hues of yellow, blue and white. Stepping inside, you could almost hear ocean waves above the city sounds. From the plantains to the pollo asado, the food was fabulous - simple, freshly prepared and somewhat spicy. But it was the creamy coconut mojito that really wowed us. I only had one, but it wasn't nearly enough! 
Ideya, Soho
Photo: Ideya
So long for now, Soho. I will certainly see you next time!


I'm Jenn said...

Beautiful photos, I love Soho too! I can just get lost there. I lived in NYC as a kid and go back every chance I get!

Jules8 said...

Thanks Jenn!

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