Web Rove of the Week: Andrew McCarthy's Rome

Maybe it's because we'll be visiting Rome for the first time in 36 days. Or maybe it's because I've seen the movies Pretty in Pink and Mannequin a combined total of 786* times. Whatever the reason, I'm thrilled to have discovered Andrew McCarthy, the award-winning Travel Writer, and this beautiful article on three ways to experience Rome. Below is one of my favorite excerpts:
"In Trastevere my world becomes small in a way that delights me. Here details of life I rarely allow myself to focus on back home reveal a pattern of human behavior that connects me to the broader world. I find identification with nearly all, no matter how unlikely. Early in the morning, with no one yet loitering by the square's fountain,I watch a priest with a briefcase and a nun clutching a folded copy of the Repubblica newspaper cross paths without acknowledging each other. Next, a woman wearing a purple dress and sporting a pronounced black eye sneaks by on a Vespa. I spot an elderly man at a table near mine savoring a bowl of vanilla ice cream for breakfast. I look at him and hope that my children will do the same themselves when they reach his age." -- Andrew McCarthy, from the article "Three Faces of Rome," January/February 2010 issue of National Geographic Traveler
Really, read the rest. It's all this good. 
*Estimated, could be more.

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