Roving Pic: Positano From Above

A Positano Evening
July 2011
Photo: Scott Clark
Below us, a twinkling gem was tucked neatly into the hillside. In front of us, the gray sea stretched out, engulfing the horizon. Above us, night slipped in, one delicate shade of darkness at a time.  


I'm Jenn said...

What an amazing photo, I love it! Hope you two have a nice Thanksgiving!

travelkate said...

oooooo Italy! How amazing! What a dream to be able to return there!

ironstef said...

holy moly, that's gorgeous!!

Jules8 said...

Jenn - Thanks so much! Scott's pretty good with a camera.

Kate- Thanks for stopping by!

Stef- Positano is gorgeous. You should go!

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