Roving Pic: Walking in Radda

Afternoon Walk
Photo: Scott Clark
July 2011
They stepped out of their doorway and stepped back in time as they turned down a familiar path in Radda in Chianti. They were no longer in their later years. They weren't slowed by time. They were just two people in love, walking arm in arm on a cloudy afternoon, surrounded by vineyards, cypress-lined hills and memories.

If, in the twilight of my life, I spend my days walking through Chianti country with the one I love, I have no doubt that I will die with a very satisfied soul. 


Meghan said...

What an incredibly beautiful photo! I hope me and my guy can still take little walks arm in arm at that age! I loved your description too!

The Veda House said...

Is this going to be you in scott one day? Walking down your italian driveway? ;)

Jules8 said...

Thanks so much, Meghan!

Cassie- I certainly hope so!

Samantha said...

A beautifully capture moment and wonderful commentary. A while back I saw an elderly couple walking hand in hand at the zoo. They were in the moment and looked happy. At that moment I knew what love was.

Jules8 said...

Thanks for stopping by, Samantha - and for the nice comment!

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