Roving I Finds: Brushes with Greatness

Me, Matt, Iron Stef and Knuckles Handerson

I met Matt Nathanson on Tuesday night. If you don’t know Matt’s music, check it out. He’s an incredible singer songwriter, musician and, on top of that, he's a super nice guy. How many artists stick around to meet their fans after the show? 

So, for my Finds this week, I’m featuring destinations where you can get your celebrity meet and greet fix.
  • Find your Island in the Sun. For the 2012 Weezer Cruise, the band has invited a great group of indie rock bands to join them on the high seas. And you can go, too. A four pack of tickets/reservations starts at just $499/pp for the 5-day cruise. Check out their promo video below. 
  • Get your fill in South Beach. If you're a true Foodie or just have an appetite for Food Network shows, check out the the South Beach Wine & Food Festival February 23-26, 2012, where you'll find Anthony Bourdain, Bobby Flay, Emeril Lagasse and countless other fabulous food celebs. 
  • Rub shoulders with A-Listers. Before you plan a winter trip, check out this article from Travel & Leisure on Celebrites' Secret Winter Vacation Spots. It's from 2009, so some of the couples mentioned are no longer a couple, but the spots are still celeb-worthy. 
  • Travel like Royalty. Already known as a luxury travel location, the Seychelles' fame reached new heights in May when Prince William and Kate Middleton selected the island nation as their honeymoon destination. If I had a royal bank account, I'd stay here.
Photo: Four Seasons


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These were great links! I enjoyed reading the tips of places to see and go!

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Thanks, Kate!

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