Web Roves of the Week: Learn Something New

I started graduate school a couple of weeks ago and it started me thinking about how we learn, what we learn from and what makes us want to keep doing it throughout our lives. Travel for me is learning in its purest form. From discovering new sights, foods and things to do to simple geography, I learn best from going places and experiencing them first hand. I consider each day I'm away a part of my "life" education and it's one degree I hope I never finish. 

When I'm not traveling, I learn in other ways. Reading books, articles and blog posts from other travelers out there is currently feeding my wanderlust while I'm stationary at home. Here's a list of a few of the things I'm learning/learned this week:
  • Six plus years of French and a semester of German should be enough to sufficiently mess with my Italian lessons I'm starting this weekend via Rosetta Stone. Has anyone used this program? Would love to hear your thoughts!
  • We lived in Vienna for a time several years ago (hence the German lessons) but I learned five things I didn't know about this incredible city in this Frommer's Slideshow.
  • I learned about the Indie Ink Writing Challenge for bloggers and I think just might give it a go.
  • The Travel & Leisure Global Bazaar is happening September 17th and 18th in NYC. Looks like a very cool way to learn more about the world through "immersive installations and events." 
  • Buffalo Mozzarella cheese is probably my favorite cheese on the planet. This post taught me about its origins and some new ways to enjoy it. 
Have a wonderful Friday and if you're in the US, enjoy the long Labor Day Weekend! Thanks for reading!


Susi said...

Wiii Italian lessons! That's great! I love Italian. It's a beautiful language and not too difficult to learn either. Good luck with it!
Cheers - I found your blog on FTLOB.

Jules8 said...

Welcome Susi - Thanks for stopping by!

Alex said...

Love your description - I'm the same, always thinking about my next trip and living abroad has only made me want to travel every second. I'm jealous you're starting Rosetta Stone, I just can't make the investment but I did invest in a $20 iPad app for German that I'm really enjoying.

Jules8 said...

Hi Alex! Thanks for commenting. Looking forward to reading more about your adventures abroad!

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