Roving Pic: Towers of San Gimignano

Photo: Scott Clark
July 2011
We could see the towers of San Gimignano as we approached from the hills to the east. The majestic, medieval structures grew taller with every passing mile until we entered the city walls and stood beneath them. Amidst the fifteen towers, we walked in wonder as the mid-afternoon sun caused them to cast shadows on the ancient, winding walkways below. Guarded by their winged inhabitants, the towers stood tall, unwavering, unyielding and unaware of time.


Stela said...

absolutely beautiful!

Murissa Maurice said...

San Gimignano was a gorgeous medieval hilltop town! Great views of the surrounding vineyards and villas.
Beautiful writing!
Great pic!

The Wanderfull Traveler

Jules8 said...

Thanks so much, Stela and Murissa! We loved our visit to San Gimignano.

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