Roving IQ: Casa Mariantonia, Capri

Positano is a mere 13 miles from the island of Capri. But after driving from Positano to Sorrento, returning the rental car, hauling the entirety of our luggage a mile or more through the streets of Sorrento down to the harbor in the 90 degree heat, catching the hydrofoil to Capri and taking a taxi to Anacapri, I was relieved beyond belief to walk through the front gate of Casa Mariantonia.  

Stylish, simple and sublime, Casa Mariantonia is a relaxed oasis residing at the top of another long-established oasis in the Mediterranean, the island of Capri. Its location, in the shadow of Monte Solaro and the iconic chairlift, make Casa Mariantonia as convenient as it is chic. 

At check-in, we were greeted by genuine Italian hospitality, elegant surroundings and a bowl of the largest lemons I have ever seen, grown on the property. 
After being shown our lovely, lemon-scented room, we finally landed poolside for the remainder of the afternoon. The morning's marathon transfer to the island was more than enough to warrant some down time in the sun. Lucky for us, invitations to relax were everywhere. Lounge by the pool, in a hammock in the lemon tree grove or on your private terrace. 

Breakfast was served al fresco near the pool and offered a serene start to a summer's day on Capri. 
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When returning from dinner each evening, Casa Mariantonia appeared welcoming and inviting, its softly lit exterior highlighting the property's best features. 

Understated. Unassuming. Elegant. Casa Mariantonia shines as a moderately-priced Mediterranean retreat. 


The Veda House said...

Looks like heaven. I would of never came back from vacation if I got to stay in a place like that :)

Jules8 said...

Cassie - I had a very hard time leaving Italy in general but this place was pretty special.

Ajax said...

Looks incredible! I'm in the market for a honeymoon destination...hmmm

now following :)

Jules8 said...

Hi Ajax- Capri is perfect for a honeymoon! Thanks for following. Looking forward to reading more of your blog!

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