Roving Pic: Lone Boat in Positano

Lone Boat in Positano
July 2011
Photo: Scott Clark
The boat didn't go out that day. It, along with the other Positano residents, stayed safely on shore. Gray skies reflected in grayer seas as drizzle soon turned to drops. Tourists and Italians alike retreated to covered cafes while we wandered ever closer to the white-capped water. Wooden, worn and beautiful, the boat met us where the surf surrendered to the sand and welcomed our brief companionship. As we made our way back from the seaside, we left the boat just as we found it, proud and pure in the pouring rain.


travelkate said...

Stunning photo!

Jules8 said...

Thanks so much, Kate!

Hannah {Culture Connoisseur} said...

I've wanted to go there ever since I watched Under the Tuscan Sun. Beautiful picture!

Jules8 said...

Thanks, Hannah! The Amalfi Coast is a wonderful trip. You should go!

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