Roving Pic: Capri's Sandal Maker

Capri's Sandal Maker
July 2011
Photo: Scott Clark
He was jovial for a hot and humid afternoon in Anacapri as he wove leather through his fingers and into art. Part historian, part artisan, part celebrity, he sits outside of his shop among pairs of pre-made footwear perfection, laughing and chatting with passers-by. Dressed in a simple apron with well-worn tools in hand, he works every day, fitting soles to feet and finally, sandals to souls, each pair leaving his hands crafted of timeless tradition and love.


I'm Jenn said...

Great photo, did you buy any?

Jules8 said...

I did, Jenn! There will be more about them in Monday's post.

The Veda House said...

I love this. Did you take more photos? Nice job Scott!

bird and tree said...

saw neat! This reminds me of the Native Indians of my mother's country- Panama. They piece beautifully, the tiniest of beads into jewelry-necklaces, bracelets, etc. and sell them in little huts along the side of the road...just brought back lovely memories!

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