Roving I Guest Post: Meat me at Iron Stef's!

You read it right. I started this post with a bad meat pun in the title. That means it can only go up from here.

I've tapped into my fondness for the foodie lifestyle and cooked up my very first guest post. Click on over to Iron Stef's award winning food blog and read about my encounter with the legendary "Butcher of Tuscany" Dario Cecchini and consider this post your first course of the day.

5 Fascinating Facts about Dario:
1. His shop is known as the "Uffizi of Meat."
2. He organized a mock funeral for the fiorentina steak in 2001 when it was outlawed because of Mad Cow disease fears. (See below.)
3. He often recites Dante's Inferno by memory while working in the shop.
4. Mario Batali has called Dario "the Maserati of butchers, the Bob Dylan of the Tuscan cow, the Jimi Hendrix of juiciness."
5. Elton John  once paid $2500 for one of Dario's steaks. 

Funeral Plaque for Fiorentina Steak from 2001
Antica Macelleria Cecchini
Panzano, Tuscany, Italy
There's much more meat to this story at Iron Stef! And a special thanks to Stef for letting me take over for a day. I've definitely got some big shoes to fill. 

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