Roving Pic: Roving Rome

Me, jumping in front of the Colosseum
We are just back from spending two weeks in Italy! And it was amazing. I have lots to share about our experiences - from the locations we visited to the food and wine to the people we met to the individual moments that will stand out in my memory for the rest of my life.

So today, I'm kicking off my Italy recap with a picture of me jumping in front of the Colosseum. It's kind of my "thing" to jump in front of landmarks and our visit to ancient Rome provided a perfect opportunity. I may get some strange looks from people in the area while attempting this but the resulting photos are usually keepers. 

Over the coming weeks and months, I'll try to somehow encapsulate our trip through posts here and get back to the established blog schedule. (I realized very quickly how traveling straight for 15 days poses a challenge to any blog.) 

And finally, a very BIG "Thank You" to my dear friend Iron Stef for her awesome guests posts while I was away. I owe you one (or three)! 

More tomorrow and thanks so much for reading! 


I'm Jenn said...

Welcome back, looking forward to reading all about it! Please include your favorite wines in a post too, thanks! :)

Jules8 said...

Will do, Jenn. There are so many!

ironstef said...

you're so cute! welcome back!!

Jules8 said...

And you're awesome! Thanks for rocking this blog while I was away.

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