Roving Pic: Golden Gate

Golden Gate Bridge
San Francisco, CA
July 2008

The splendor of walking across the Golden Gate Bridge was cut abruptly short when my photographer husband's fancy camera fell to the ground due to a faulty camera stop. This shot was taken with my trusty Canon point and shoot camera after much ado, frustration and many curse words. I think it tuned out quite well despite my "inferior" camera's capabilities. It just shows that the shot is defined by who shoots it and not by mega-pixels and apertures. The rest of our west coast tour was shot with my little Canon and they're some of my favorite photos of all.
Thanks for F-stopping by! And stay tuned later this week for another extra special guest post from Iron Stef, food blogger extraordinaire!

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The Veda House said...

What a great photo! And look at you blogging and world traveling at the same time!

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