Roving IQ: Top 5 Road Trip Vehicles

My husband is a true gear head - the kind of person who can tell you what kind of car is coming down the road just by the engine sound. He knows the performance numbers for almost every vehicle and how they’ve changed each model year. He even knows how many quarts of oil they take. Freaky, freaky stuff.

In almost 10 years of marriage, we've owned 24 vehicles. Stupid? Very. Educational? You bet. We've become experts on traveling by car. So today, we're sharing some of our hard-earned wisdom with the world. I'm thrilled to introduce my husband, Scott, in his first guest post. The below reviews are his honest opinions about realistic road trip cars. (Much to his dismay, he was forced to take the Ferrari off the list.)

Jeep Wrangler: Scott says: "True all-around, on and off-road capabilities. Top down. Check. Doors off. Check. Lowered windshield. Check. Name another vehicle you can do that with. I didn't think so."

Honda S2000: Scott says: "When your spouse or significant other won't allow you to take a trip on a motorcycle, this is your second best choice. If you are looking for a two-wheel experience with four wheels, this is a close as it gets. This is the perfect vehicle to carve canyon roads or drive up the 101 with the top down, the motor singing at 9,000 rpms while you row through the gears of one of the best transmissions ever built. There's even room in the boot for a bag or two." 

BMW 5-series: Scott says: "Comfort, technology, style and speed wrapped in one package. I'd pick the M5 so I could play with the 500 horsepower under the hood, but any 5-Series choice would be the right one for a road trip."

VW Golf Diesel: Scott says: "It's not as hip as the GTI, but it gets great gas mileage and has all the comfort bells and whistles one can ask for. Besides, there is not another car manufacturer who makes as nice of an interior as VW at nearly any price point. So keep the hybrids for the movie stars in Hollywood, as this is the car that gets nearly 550 miles to a tank of gas in comfort and style."

GMC Explorer Conversion Van: Scott says: "This is not your mom's mini van. This vehicle, more than anything else on the road has more luxury and comfort features. People driving Escalades may think they are in the know, but you know better. Up to six captain chairs, multiple TV screens, and enough lights and mirrors to throw a dance party in the back. You'll swear your staying in a high-priced luxury suite at the Bellagio in Vegas. A Dodge Caravan minivan can't hold a candle to this baby."

What's your road trip vehicle of choice? 

Sorry for the late post! Thanks for reading!

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I'm Jenn said...

Fun list, I am pretty happy traveling in my Nissan Ultima Hybrid - not the best gas mileage in the hybrid offerings, but since it's a mid-sized car, it's comfy!

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